VIDEO: #FiestaMovement Farewell

January 8, 20148 Comments


In case you’ve been living under a rock, or not watching my videos for the past couple of months, I won a free car and gas for 8 months through the #FiestaMovement! In return for the car, I made a video each month based on the month’s theme, ranging from fitness to gaming.

FTC DISCLAIMER: Ford invited me to be an agent for the Fiesta Movement. They’ve provided me with a 2014 Ford Fiesta, and they’re covering gas, insurance and administrative costs for the duration of the Movement. They definitely threw me the alley.

Well I had to give the car back and am paying for my own gas again, but at least I can always look back at this video for the memories!

Why are gas prices so high though?

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  1. Ryan Guderyon says:

    Hey scooter can you please make some new stuff fans say videos in the near future? It would be greatly appreciated!

  2. free car, gas, insurance. Dang i need to start making youtube videos haha.

  3. Becca Snyder says:

    I’m gonna miss the Fiesta Movement videos. My favorite was when Bear got a makeover. I went through a similar experience when I got my doll that I’ve had my whole life cleaned, which was badly needed. It was filthy!!! Keep the videos coming, they’re fantastic. 🙂

  4. Travis says:

    Sorry about the car. So how many miles did you put on it?

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