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Hello world!

July 3, 20131 Comment

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

VIDEO: Basketball One-on-One #FiestaMovement

June 30, 201384 Comments


In my last Fiesta Movement blog post I announced that I won a free car and that I would have to complete monthly missions! Well here is my first mission!

I received my car about two weeks ago after getting flown to Nashville, Tennessee for a two-day training with 19 other agents! The 19 of us received our cars about a month and a half after 80 of the previous agents. BUT, we did receive the upgraded Ford Fiesta ST!

Ford Fiesta ST

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VIDEO: Stuff Spurs Fans Say

June 18, 201362 Comments


It’s been 8 months since I made my last Stuff Fans Say video. After getting multiple, and I mean MULTIPLE requests, I decided to make Stuff Spurs Fans Say. It was the perfect timing, especially with the Spurs embroiled in a heated battle with the hated Miami Heat.

I shot this video with Eric Dunn, a popular Viner, who also happens to be a Spurs fan. It’s a good thing the Miami Heat lost because we didn’t have any footage in the event Miami won the series. Oops.

Speaking of series, do you want this video series to continue? Or is it too played out?

EDIT: When I released the video it looked like the Spurs were going to win game 6. They didn’t. Hopefully the Spurs win game 7 so this video doesn’t look extremely foolish.

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VIDEO: Not About That Life 5

June 9, 2013127 Comments


This was one of the shortest episodes of Not About That Life to date. I’ve been experimenting to see if people are more likely to watch a shorter video! Still, much truth was exposed in Not About That Life 5, including my hatred for pizza delivery fees, how socks always seem to disappear, and I even mention something I dislike about my mom (I love you mom).

What’s one thing your mom does that you hate?

Not About That Life 5 YouTube Comments

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