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VIDEO: How To Tell If He Likes You

June 2, 201368 Comments


It has been a quick minute since I released a How-To video. So I thought, why not hit you guys with How To Tell If He Likes You. Relationship advice videos always tend to do well and this is a topic I know a lot of girls struggle to comprehend.

Guys are simple. We say what we mean and mean what we say (for the most part).The same rules apply when it comes to relationships. Personally, I will straight up tell a girl “I like you” because I don’t have time for games (no jugamos juegos). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it gets the point across.

How do you tell someone you like them?

How To Tell If He Likes You YouTube Comments

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VIDEO: What Happens After College

May 26, 2013212 Comments


It was time someone exposed the truth about what happens after college. And the truth isn’t pretty.

You get stuck in a cycle of a 9-5 job that you hate (if you’re lucky enough to find one), your free time completely disappears, and the highlight of your day consists of getting lunch at a local pizzeria. This is pretty much your life in a nutshell after college.

Remember those parties you used to go to? How involved you used to be? How much fun you used to have? Yeah, that’s done. Welcome to the real world full of taxes, depression, and tears.

I’m not saying that everyone shares this feeling of hopelessness after college. In fact, some people (almost no one) actually enjoy their lives post college. But a resounding theme among my friends who have left the college scene, is life after college sucks.

You’ve been warned.

Do you think I’m being too harsh? Or did I hit the nail on the head?

What Happens After College YouTube Comments

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I’m a Ford Fiesta Agent!

May 24, 201328 Comments

I just wanted to let everyone know I’M A FORD FIESTA AGENT! But what exactly does that mean? For one, it means I get a free car and gas for 8 months! It also means I’ll get to participate in some crazy missions that will have me travelling all across the United States!

2014 Ford Fiesta European

What is the Fiesta Movement?

The Fiesta Movement first launched in 2009, as a campaign to expose Americans to the Ford Fiesta. 100 “agents” were selected to complete missions and share their journey online through YouTube, Blogs, and other online outlets.

After a 5 year hiatus, the Fiesta Movement is getting re-launched with another 100 agents and I AM ONE OF THEM.

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VIDEO: Talking to Myself – NBA

May 21, 201352 Comments


This week I decided to create another Talking to Myself video. As suggested by multiple viewers, this week’s topic was the NBA, although I only briefly talked about it (my bad).

So far, it seems a lot of people are enjoying this series. And I certainly enjoy creating them! Expect even more characters in the future, maybe even a new host? Until then enjoy Talking to Myself РNBA.

Who’s your favorite character so far?

Talking to Myself - NBA YouTube Comments

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