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Oh, YouTube. For people who have been on YouTube a while, we get used to seeing the same repetitive comments over and over and OVER again! I decided “Why not make a video about it?” I paired the visuals to match the most commonly written phrases and voilà: Top 100 YouTube Comments was created.

What other comments do you see repeatedly on YouTube?

Top 100 YouTube Comments List:
100) You film this with a potato?
99) How does this have 301 views and 4000 likes?
98) You film this with a calculator?
97) You must be new here.
96) The dislike bar is the same length as Justin Bieber’s –
95) Fake!
94) KONY 2012!
93) The dislike bar looks like a lightsaber.
92) It looks like everybody forgot about KONY 2012.
91) Rest in Peace headphones.
90) So cute!
89) My left ear enjoyed this.
88) Swag! Something we [Insert Noun beginning with A] got!
87) I used to be a [Insert Noun] like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
86) Did he died?
85) I’m in that weird part of YouTube again.
84) Kill it with fire!
83) I normally don’t do this but [Insert plea to watch their YouTube videos].
82) How did I get here?
81) Whose that girl at [Insert timecode].
80) Check out this video! [Insert / watchXXXXX]
79) Does anybody know the name of that song?
78) If I had a dollar for every pixel in this video, I’d have a dollar.
77) You mad bro?
76) In Soviet Russia [Insert antimetabole].
75) You look just like [Insert someone you look nothing like].
74) I’m going to go to the bathroom. When I get back, this better be a top comment.
73) [Insert Comment] Thumbs up if you agree.
72) But will it blend?
71) The virginity is strong with this one.
70) This is the gayest video I’ve ever seen.
69) I find this difficult to [You know the rest…].
68) That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.
67) Shut up and enjoy the music.
66) I hate the new noise YouTube makes when you comment.
65) Gay!
64) Fail!
63) I have that same shirt!
62) Do you want a free iTunes card? All you have to do is [Insert remainder of spam].
61) Thumbs up if you’re watching in 2012.
60) Is it wrong if this turned me on?
59) [Insert # of dislikes] amount of people don’t have a sense of humor.
58) Have my babies!
57) [Insert # of dislikes] amount of people don’t know what good music is.
56) [Insert # of dislikes] amount of people are gypsies.
55) I pee on the side of the toilet to make less noise.
54) Why you no [Insert random comment].
53) I’m raping the replay button.
52) Try to thumbs up this comment while holding CTRL.
51) Shut up and take my money!
50) I just wasted [Insert length of video] of my life.
49) LOL! Look at the tags!
48) If this gets [Insert random #] amount of likes, I’ll do [Insert something they’ll never do].
47) Subscribed!
46) Why are the top comments the same?
45) If you don’t copy and paste this [Insert foolishness].
44) Video starts at [Insert time video actually starts]. Thank me later.
43) Unsubscribed!
42) This is better than the original.
41) Thumbs up if you are leaning on your right arm.
40) If you don’t like their videos, why are you watching then?
39) Marry me.
38) Press 5 if you want to see something [Insert comment… normally sexual].
37) Can I get a thumbs up for no reason?
36) There is no top comment. This is my chance! [Insert intentionally lame comment]
35) If you look closely, you can see LeBron traveled.
34) Fake and gay!
33) Watch out, we got a bad [Insert A word] over here.
32) I love your accent!
31) Now this is real music.
30) Welcome to YouTube.
29) Grammar Nazis.
28) I watch this video once a day.
27) The only part I didn’t like was [Insert length of video + 1 second].
26) This is totally me.
25) Pwned!
24) This is why terrorists hate us.
23) Seems legit.
22) The best part is from zero to [Insert length of video].
21) My [male genitalia] brought me here.
20) The awkward moment when [Insert awkward moment from video].
19) Under 300 club!
18) I miss these types of videos.
17) Anyone notice the random [insert random object from video].
16) [insert quote from the video]
15) Why would anyone dislike this?
14) Power Level: Over 9000
13) Why is [Insert weird related video] in my related videos?
12) I hate the new YouTube layout. Thumbs up if you agree!
11) Whose here from [Insert YouTuber / Related Video]?
10) *Facepalm*
9) Hey I just met you [Insert lame rhyme].
8) Chuck Norris [Chuck Norris needs no explanation]
7) I’d hit it – with a car.
6) Not a single [Insert F word] was given that day.
5) Second to last.
4) Last.
3) First.
2) Still a better love story than Twilight.
1) We meet again 240p.

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